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Tutoring Services from Potentials Canada Learning Centre Ltd.

How does the Potentials method help?

Learning problems are generally caused by not having enough organization and/or control in the brain. The more organized and controlled the brain is, the easier it is to learn. Using a combination of left-right brain, auditory, visual and tactile teaching methods, Potentials can help to build in the organization and control the student needs. Also, since everyone learns more easily when using visual, auditory or tactile methods, a Potentials Canada tutor will choose the best method to learn, while also strengthening the other ways of learning.

What kind of progress should I expect?

Students will already see some progress in the first month of lessons. While circumstances may vary, most students (especially those age 12+) can make a half grade’s progress or more in reading in about 10-20 hours of tutoring! Similar rates of progress are true with math and spelling students, although these results vary more widely. Adult students usually achieve much faster progress than K-12 students!

What We Offer

We offer tutoring in the following areas:

  • Reading Tutors
  • Math Tutors
  • Spelling Tutors
  • Writing Tutors
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Speech Exercises
  • ADHD Learning
  • ODD Support
  • Coping Skills
  • Motor Skills Coordination
  • Customized Learning Goals
  • Individualized Learning Program (IEP) Support


What makes the Potentials reading method unique and more effective is our decoding system. Regular phonics teaches letters as sounds; the student “sounds out” a word by saying the sounds of the letters in order and then goes back to blend the sounds into a word.

In contrast, we help take the guess work out of decoding and is much easier for the brain to catch on to and use. The Potentials method is also much easier to understand and use for those struggling with learning.

Reading Comprehension

For those who have trouble understanding what they read, Potentials also works on reading comprehension. Comprehension problems are caused by one or more of the following three issues:

  • They struggle to read fluently at that level.
  • They don’t understand the vocabulary at that level.
  • They struggle to understand the flow of thought the author is presenting. (What is he/she really saying?)

To deal with these issues, the student is taught to:

  • Read accurately, so as to more likely get the exact meaning.
  • Listen to what he is reading (“Does it make sense?”).
  • Expand his vocabulary by studying word meanings, especially prefix and root meanings.
  • Develop logical thinking and reasoning skills, which will help with comprehension.
  • Potentials has many different levels and types of reading comprehension materials, as well as materials and methods to specifically develop logic and reasoning skills.

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Learning to Think in Numbers

Students learn to understand math in a whole-brain way. The concepts-based Potentials math program teaches students to “think in numbers”, like they “think in words” when they read. From experience, it has been discovered that the students who struggle with math the most are those who tend to be right-brain learners. This means they aren’t very good at memorizing facts, formulas and methods (which is left-brain learning). Right-brain teaching is mostly visual and tactile, and it focuses on concepts. Once these students learn what something means, why it is done that way, when to use it, etc., they can then remember the facts, processes and formulas.

Potentials uses colourful math bars to show students the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The students can use the bars to show what the question looks like, and then show why it is done the way it is on paper. This visual, hands-on approach helps students understand the concepts behind things like subtracting with borrowing or long division. We also use a quick and understandable way to learn the times tables, which students can really understand and use.

Methods for Fractions, Decimals, Percents and More

Besides the four basic functions, Potentials expands the same kind of teaching methods for fractions, decimals, percents, algebra and trigonometry. Most of our math students, because they tend to be right-brain learners, need little help in geometry because it is so visual, but there are classes for that as needed. Math classes also include development of left-brain logic and reasoning skills, because mathematical reasoning is logical reasoning.

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Build spelling skills by mastering phonetic patterns

Learning to be a good speller is based on learning the spelling patterns we use in English. The vowel sound patterns are particularly important, as well as learning basic root words, and then adding on suffixes and/or prefixes. A student can develop categories in his brain for certain spelling patterns, and then “fill them” with words spelled that way, helping his brain generalize these patterns to other words. Potentials offers this kind of spelling program.

Other Available Programs

Other subjects that are taught at Potentials as needed:

  • Manuscript Writing (Printing)
  • Cursive Writing (Handwriting)
  • Essay Writing and Creative Writing
  • Outlining an Essay before Writing It
  • Study Skills for Subjects like Science and History (How to read a chapter to find the main ideas and important facts)
  • Proofreading for Grammar, Punctuation and Content
  • English Lessons in Grammar, Punctuation and Parts of Speech
  • Help with a Specific Homework Assignment (if needed)

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At Potentials Canada, we view education as an investment in your child’s future. Our programs are designed to deliver tangible results, helping students reach their full potential academically and beyond. We strive to provide unmatched value for every dollar invested in our services.

  • Reasonable Rates
  • Monthly Tuition
  • For withdrawal from the program, we require 30 days’ notice


Potentials Canada offers a comprehensive consultation, including a recommended program. This entails testing in reading, math, and spelling, as well as brain dominance testing.

Tuition: 8 Lessons (call for pricing)

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month and is based on 8 50-minute lessons. We prioritize individual progress and do not provide refunds for missed appointments. However, rebooking can be arranged by 2 pm the day before a lesson.

July and August Specials

During July and August, we provide individualized scheduling packages to accommodate summer plans.

December Adjustments

In December, there are only 6 lessons due to the Christmas Break.

Enrollment Process

  1. Contact Form: Fill out our contact form here to request an appointment.
  2. Acceptance and Lesson Structure: Once accepted, students attend twice a week for 50-minute sessions (typically Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday), totalling 8 lessons per month.
  3. Customized Program: Our program is tailored to each student’s needs. If additional days are desired, we will discuss options during the assessment or specify on the contact form.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Read Testimonials from Some of Our Many Success Stories

Over the years, parents have been very satisfied with the progress and success of their children who have attended Potentials. Also very pleased have been the few adult students who have taken the initiative to attend classes at Potentials. Adults do very well in our program because of their longer life experience, larger vocabulary, and, typically, higher level of motivation.

What Students/Parents/Adult Students Say about Potentials

You have changed the whole course of my son’s future!

My son just received the ‘Most Improved Student’ award for his whole school! This was because of the help you gave him. Thank you so much!

I finally have the confidence to do what I’ve really wanted to do with my life.

My daughter’s self-esteem is so much higher. She now likes school and has lost the frustration and anger she used to have. Her grades have greatly improved.

My son was told he needed anger management classes. Now I know he was just frustrated at school. His anger is totally replaced now with smiles and confidence.

My 14-year-old son was given a ‘Leaving School’ certificate from his school. After the help you gave him, he had the confidence to go back to school. This year he graduated from grade 12!

My daughter had to repeat grade 3 because her reading was so low. After raising her reading level to grade 6 with your program, she was allowed to skip grade 4 and go on to grade 5.

My son hated to get up and go to school; he would cry and cry about getting on the bus. Now he is the first one up, and runs to the bus stop early. He can’t wait to get to school.

At 40 years old, my reading was so poor that I couldn’t help my son at home. Now that I am reading at a college level, I finally have the courage to do what I have wanted to do for a long time.