4703-29th Street; Vernon, BC V1T 5C1

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4703-29th Street; Vernon, BC V1T 5C1
Call Today: 250-545-7766

Potentials Learning

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Who We Are

Welcome to Potentials Learning Centre in Vernon, BC, where we specialize in tailored tutoring programs designed to empower children and adults who find learning to be frustrating and challenging.

Our Mission

At Potentials Learning Centre, our mission is to unlock the full potential of every student by providing personalized tutoring programs that address their unique learning needs. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive academically and become the most confident version of themselves.


  • Any student who is struggling academically.
  • Any student who may need extra help or a different method of teaching.
  • Any student known to have a learning disability.
  • Any student who needs to get up to grade level. 

We warmly welcome students facing academic challenges, whether they require extra support or a different approach to learning. Our approach begins from a foundation, utilizing our well-honed Potentials method, which has consistently proven to be highly effective for our students. It is this method that builds the success of our program. Additionally, we have extended our support to high school-aged or older students who have discontinued their education due to learning difficulties impeding their progress.

our approach and focus with teaching

Our Approach

Our experienced teachers are dedicated to understanding each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. We go beyond traditional tutoring methods by incorporating diverse teaching strategies and bringing in other areas of study to create a comprehensive learning experience.

Our Focus

We prioritize students who are facing academic challenges, regardless of their grade level. For these learners, we provide targeted support to address any concerns that parents or educators may have and ensure their academic success.

Potentials Canada tutor with youth

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Our program is completely personalized. A low student to teacher ratio allows a truly individualized program, helps maintain the student’s focus, limits peer pressure, and allows individual rates of progress. Students demonstrate significant improvement in our program, often catching up with and passing their grade level, usually in just months.

Our Commitment

At Potentials Learning Centre, we are committed to fostering a supportive and empowering learning environment where every student feels valued and capable of achieving success. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to help students overcome obstacles, build confidence, and reach their full potential.

Now offering Zoom Sessions

Introducing our newest offering: Zoom sessions tailored for ultimate convenience, fitting seamlessly into your and your child’s busy schedules. Now, enhancing accessibility and flexibility, we bring our expertise directly to you, wherever you may be. Embrace the ease of learning from the comfort of your home with our personalized Zoom sessions, designed to empower both you and your child. Elevate your educational journey with convenience at your fingertips!

Get in Touch

If you or your child is struggling academically, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be pleased to explain the Potentials method of success to you more fully. For 31 years, Potentials Canada has been using this singular method for positive progress with every student.

Together, we can unlock the path to academic success and confidence.

What Clients Are Saying

Read Testimonials from Some of Our Many Success Stories

Over the years, parents have been very satisfied with the progress and success of their children who have attended Potentials. Also very pleased have been the few adult students who have taken the initiative to attend classes at Potentials. Adults do very well in our program because of their longer life experience, larger vocabulary, and, typically, higher level of motivation.

What Students/Parents/Adult Students Say about Potentials

“You have changed the whole course of my son’s future!”

“My 14-year-old son was given a ‘Leaving School’ certificate from his school. After the help you gave him, he had the confidence to go back to school. This year he graduated from grade 12!”

“My son just received the ‘Most Improved Student’ award for his whole school! This was because of the help you gave him. Thank you so much!”

“My daughter had to repeat grade 3 because her reading was so low. After raising her reading level to grade 6 with your program, she was allowed to skip grade 4 and go on to grade 5.”

“I finally have the confidence to do what I’ve really wanted to do with my life.”

“My son hated to get up and go to school; he would cry and cry about getting on the bus. Now he is the first one up, and runs to the bus stop early. He can’t wait to get to school.”

“My daughter’s self-esteem is so much higher. She now likes school and has lost the frustration and anger she used to have. Her grades have greatly improved.”

“At 40 years old, my reading was so poor that I couldn’t help my son at home. Now that I am reading at a college level, I finally have the courage to do what I have wanted to do for a long time.”

“My son was told he needed anger management classes. Now I know he was just frustrated at school. His anger is totally replaced now with smiles and confidence.”

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