4703-29th Street; Vernon, BC V1T 5C1

Call Today: 250-545-7766

4703-29th Street; Vernon, BC V1T 5C1
Call Today: 250-545-7766

The History of Potentials Canada

History of the Potentials Reading Program

The Potentials “Action Phonics” method of learning to read was originally developed in the 1950’s. This singular and uniquely successful learning system is now used in many parts of North America, both in schools and in private learning centres. Leanne Topham (previous owner and director of the Potentials Canada Learning Centre Ltd. in Vernon), learned the Potentials method in 1988. Shine Mariano (B.Ed) trained directly under Ms. Topham and took over the company in October 2023. After many years of using this unusual and specialized method of teaching, Shine is continually thrilled to see the gains each student makes in such a short time and the difference it makes in their lives.

Potentials Canada Tutor with youth

Expansion of Our Curriculum

Over the years, Potentials has expanded the curriculum to include a superior math learning method (Ms. Topham created this based largely on right-brained conceptual teaching), an effective spelling method, and many reading comprehension and logical thinking materials. As student needs are identified, teachers will bring in other areas of study as well, so that children become the most confident versions of themselves.

Future Directions

We help fill in the gaps in learning! Potentials Canada continually expands their curriculum. This includes encouraging reading more confidently, voice projection, and enunciation. We develop gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Every child’s program is customized to their individual needs until they are successful in reaching their goals.

About The Team

Ms. Mariano has taught K-12. She is the owner of Potentials Canada. There are 5 trained tutors on our team with decades of experience. We have a waitlist and are happy to add your name – please contact us for more information.