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Potentials Canada
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Our slogan at Potentials is “We Solve the Learning Riddle.” We offer specialized tutoring programs for children and adults who find learning to be a frustrating, difficult, or challenging riddle to be solved. They struggle with reading, math, spelling, comprehension, writing, or several of these. Although most of our students are school-aged children, we also work with adults, who do exceptionally well with this unique program.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio Our program is completely personalized. A low student to teacher ratio allows a truly individualized program, helps maintain the student’s focus, limits peer pressure, and allows individual rates of progress. Students demonstrate significant improvement in our program, often catching up with and passing their grade level, usually in just months.

What type of student needs Potentials?

A variety of individuals benefit from the Potentials approach:

  • Any student who is struggling academically.
  • Any student who may just need extra help or a different method of teaching.
  • Any student known to have a learning disability.
  • Any student suspected of having a learning disability.
  • Any student of high school age or older who dropped out of school because it got too tough and now realizes his learning problems are holding him back.
  • Any kindergarten student who is already struggling, whose parents or teachers are concerned about his going into grade one the next year.

Unsure whether or not your child could benefit from our program? Please contact us to discuss your situation! We’d be pleased to explain the Potentials method of success to you more fully. In 31 years, Potentials Canada has been using this singular method, she has seen positive progress with every student.